Nakut is a lamp and sustainable jewelry line created by the Hungarian artist Lena Kut. Launching in 2016 with a strong collection of varied styled lamps and one of a kind jewelry she strives to bring high quality art pieces into everyday life. Using the latest in 3D printing technology Nakut redirected the use of porcelain and ceramic design concepts into something that was fresh and innovative with the lamp collection…more about Nakut



Hajnal Szola is the Co-Founder of the label Licorice. Locorice is a recycled, creative product family and an environmentally-friendly, attitude changing philosophy. We use bicycle inner tube waste as basic material, which reacts to problems of waste management and environmental sustainability. Licorice is an innovative social enterpreneurship, from the profit of its „slow fashion or soft design” products, it aims to employ young and emerging designers and product developers…more about Licorice



As the daughter of a New Yorker Broadway actress and a German stage manager, Layla Mueller’s childhood took place behind the scenes of a huge cultural industry. That is where her fascination for costumes and fashion began. This motivates her every day to realize her thoughts, ideas and passion. Her international and multicultural background is reflected in her actions and works. The inspiration for the jewelry collection “KNOTHINGELSE” was provided by her father, who as a stage master is dependent on ropes as well as reliable knot and knotted techniques to secure him at 30 meters above the stage…more about Knothingelse