more about Marty Sander

For Marty Sander, memory is the determining factor of self-perception. In the combination of past and present experiences, memory becomes a holistic concept. Complex, overlapping and intangible worlds paradoxically become the stable core of an inner reality. In the 2 series
“THE POLKA DOT LADY and “BRIDGES Marty Sander examines these fleeting yet decisive, concrete images. With her technique of illustrating, erasing, painting over, cutting out, she endeavors to make the fragmented process of remembering visible, if not the memory itself.
We use photos to encourage our memory – when Marty Sander uses them in her work, they represent the need to hold on to images that we would otherwise lose, yet a distortion of memory is immanent. Our momentary reality is dissolved into pictures, which then become a new individual reality. In this way, in Marty Sander’s works, the memories of the past become the stage of present and future.

Marty Sander was born in the USA, grew up in South East Asia. She lives and works in Berlin.

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